Regional Branches

There are 3 regional branches working within CWB Ireland, in Dublin, Cork and Galway with active volunteer performers in each region. Besides undergoing international tours, each branch develops different projects in their region. 

The Dublin branch works with inner city groups and Direct Provision centres in the city and surrounding areas, with projects in Baleskin DP, Mosney DP and Hill Street Resource centre alongside various other centres and schools. In partnership with the Dublin Circus Project, the Dublin branch of CWB Ireland has provided classes in Clondalkin Towers DP centre for the past 4 years. The initiation of this project was funded by the Irish Youth Foundation and was facilitated by the Jesuit Refugee Service. The young people from the centre also took part in a project as part of the First Fortnight festival performing in Smock Alley and teaching a workshop in the ARK children’s museum. Most recently the young people have performed in the Mother Tongue Festival, this project was part funded by Dublin Circus Project and the European Juggling Festival ’14.

The Cork branch has visited most Direct Provision centres in Munster throughout the past years, especially at festive times and also supporting events run by other charitable organisations, such as Better Together, who work to improve the situations of people living in Direct Provision centres. Cork has also organised a number of tours to Greece in the past years, performing in refugee camps and temporary shelters. Our documentary, “Postcard from a Crisis”, which captures some of our experiences working in Greece, emerged from these tours.

The Galway branch of Clowns without Borders Ireland is a branch of actors, musicians and circus performers. Most recently Galway has sent performers to Lebanon (2016, 2017) to entertain the children that have fled from the Syrian conflict as well as the Palestinian communities that have lived there as refugees for many generations. In 2019 we inaugurated the CWB Silly Walks Parade on April Fool’s day, which it is hoped will become an annual fundraising activity for all three branches. We hope soon to start providing drama and circus skills workshops for children living in Direct Provision in the West of Ireland.

If you are interested in volunteering for a regional branch, please contact us and we will re-direct you to the local co-ordinator of the branch. We are interested in volunteers from all kinds of backgrounds (e.g. not neccesarily artistic performance).

Hope to hear from you soon!

Regional Branches