For 10 years Clowns Without Borders Ireland has been working to bring emotional relief to displaced individuals internationally and across Ireland.

See below for information on our past national and international Projects.

Greece 2018

See the Gallery Read the daily reports Clowns without Borders Ireland returned to Greece in 2018. Four Irish performers (Kim ...
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Greece 2017

See the gallery... Since the outbreak of war in Syria Greece has been overwhelmed by the number of refugees, many ...
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Jordan 2017

See Gallery The UNHCR report that over 5 million Syrian refugees have fled to surrounding countries, there are more than ...
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Lebanon 2017

Go to Gallery Members of Clowns Without Borders (CWB) Ireland Galway Branch toured refugee camps in Lebanon performing for Syrian ...
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Jordan 2016

Homepage for Jordan Tour 2016 Report and info to be added ...
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Iraq 2016 Tour

See Gallery Artists: Alex Allison, Jonathan Gunning, Henrik Gar and Aoife Raleigh As the Battle of Mosul rages Clowns Without ...
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Bring smiles to Calais.

Calais 2015

See the Gallery PROJECT CALAIS 2015 15th – 17th Decemeber A 3 day whistle stop tour to ‘The Jungle’ in ...
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Rwanda 2015

See the Gallery PROJECT RWANDA 2015 6th - 22nd January 2015 10 shows, 15 workshops reaching 6,300 mostly children through ...
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Jordan 15

Jordan 2015

See the Gallery Clowns Without Borders Ireland go to Jordan April 2015! 16 performances, 4 workshops over 12 days 3 ...
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kosovo 14

Kosovo 2014

See the Gallery Clowns Without Borders Ireland (Cork Branch) in Kosovo 18th November - 2nd December 2014 18 performances, 2,700 ...
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Jordan ’14

See the Gallery Jordan 2014 Tour Since the beginning of Syria's civil war more than 2 million of its citizens ...
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Jordan ’13

See the Gallery Simon Llewellyn, Con Fanzini, Kim McCafferty and Will Flanagan arrived safely in Amman, capital of Jordan on ...
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Rwanda ’12

See the Gallery Colm O’Grady, Jonathan Gunning, Arran Towers and Brian Fleming arrived safely in Kigali, capital of Rwanda on ...
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Mosney ’12

See the Gallery Mosney, Ireland 2012 Summer of Fun X 2 in Mosney Accomodation Centre began on Ist June 2012 ...
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14 Mosney 11

Mosney, Ireland ’11

Summer of fun CWB Ireland usually goes to areas of crisis abroad to bring laughter to children and there is ...
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Somalia ’11

See the Gallery Somalia Tour 2011 Four Irish based performers and 173kg of circus and musical equipment (imagine the excess ...
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South Africa 11

South Africa ’11

See the Gallery 12 days 22 shows and 6,000 happy customers 8th October We emerged from our hermitage at the ...
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Palestine 08

See the Gallery Report Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th November 08. Warmest clown greetings from Jeruselem. We’ve been having a ...
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Lesotho ’07

CWB-Ireland in Lesotho : A collaboration with the South African CWB CWB-Ireland sent a team of 3 clowns and a ...
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Uganda 07

Uganda ’07

See the Gallery Week 1 December 1st 2007 Clowns without Borders Ireland are once again in the field bringing laughter ...
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Nepal 06

Nepal ’06

See the gallery Week 1 December 1st 2006 Prologue: We three clowns, Colm O’grady, Sam Meyler, and myself Jonathan Gunning, ...
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South Africa ’06

See Gallery See Gallery ...
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