Learning through Laughter PDF booklet and audio files

The Learning Through Laughter methodology comes from Clowns Without Borders’ activities in countries around the world that are affected by war and crisis. The aim is to strengthen psychosocial health in children and their caregivers. Children who have experienced severe trauma need to feel safe in order to learn. 

Playful methods create better conditions for children to acquire knowledge, feel safe, think creatively and boost motivation. Humor is a tool that creates an open atmosphere, increases the ability to concentrate and reduces stress in children.

The Learning Through Laughter manual is divided into five segments: Educational Games, Juggling, Songs, Acro-Balance and Mindfulness. The programme is designed to give facilitators a clear support for working with children from diverse backgrounds, allowing the facilitator to choose the methods and games that meet the needs of each group. 

Through laughter and games we can change lives.


Here you can find the songs and audio instructions that are referenced in the book.

Happy singing!