Iraq 2016 Tour

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Artists:  Alex Allison, Jonathan Gunning, Henrik Gar and Aoife Raleigh

As the Battle of Mosul rages Clowns Without Borders (CWB) Ireland have been requested by the UNHCR Iraq to bring emotional relief through laughter and wonder to refugee and IDP camps (Internally Displaced Persons) in Kurdish region of Iraq, a region that is now home to circa 250,000 refugees and IDPs.

An Irish troupe of acrobats, clowns and circus performers will depart on the 26th of November for a 3 week tour of Iraq with security and logistical support by the UNHCR. They will be performing circus shows for those who have fled the conflict in Syria and Iraq over the past number of years.

CWB Ireland are the country’s top professional street artists, theatre practitioners, puppeteers and circus performers who volunteer to share their talent for people in situations of crisis at home and abroad.
CWB Ireland is part of an international federation who endeavour to bring smiles and laughter to places and people who need it most and create an atmosphere where children can be children again.

This amazing and courageous team consists of Aoife Raleagh, Alex Alisson and Henrik Gard, the team is led by Jonathan Gunning (co-founder of CWB Ireland).

Many of these children and their carers have experienced great trauma. Michael Pendergast from the UNHCR Iraq said “we see initiatives such as CWB as being very beneficial to the psychological and social well being of displaced persons, especially children”.

The shows are specially designed to bring awareness to issues in the camps such as hygiene and integration. Using humour and circus this clown troupe will incorporate themes which may highlight the significance of social cohesion, encouraging children from different backgrounds, ethnicities and nationalities to attend school and respect one another.

CWB Ireland aim to bring hope and wonder to places where there is despair, to build resilience by creating lasting memories for individuals and their communities by sharing positive experiences together.

This tour is very kindly supported by Culture Ireland, the Creativity Hub and the generosity of the Irish public.

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Iraq 2016 Tour