What We Do

Circus performers, clowns, theatre and street performers, actors and musicians from all corners of the island of Ireland offer their skills, humour and time on a voluntary basis to perform professional shows, teach skills and bring laughter to children and their communities in crisis around the world.


Shows: CWB Ireland always works with local NGO’s such as UNHCR, Sports Sans Frontiers, International Relief and Development and other relief organisations. We perform circus shows in refugee camps, townships, orphanages, remote villages, community halls, streets, schools, hospitals, Buddhist Temples and on the side of mountains.


Workshops: We facilitate workshops with and provide training programs to circus and community groups, training local people in performance and circus skills so that the fun can continue long after we leave.


Where do we go?
Since 2006 CWB Ireland has undertaken projects abroad in Nepal, Lesotho, Uganda, Palestine/Israel, Somalia, South Africa, Rwanda, Jordan and Kosovo.
In Ireland projects have also taken place in direct provision accommodation centres for asylum seekers and refugees.


How many smiles?
Between 2006 and early 2015, CWB Ireland brought smiles and laughter to over 82,000 children through 242 performances and 68 workshops.


See our activity sheet which details all our projects since the beginning here